TheAaerdan Journal


elcome to the Aaerdan Journal in it's latest version (I do not, however, remember how many versions there have been). Many of the sections present in the previous version of the website have been dropped, and new sections added.

You can navigate through this site by clicking on the icons or the links laid out below. I have retained the scripts that allow some of the images to change when you hover the mouse button over them.

The World of Aaerda
This is the setting of a novel, or perhaps a series of novels, that I had planned to write for decades now. Never really got around to writing it, though ... real life kind-of got in the way. And of course, my lack of discipline didn't help. This section contains what little I have drafted of the setting, the general history, etc. I will buckle down and start on this one day!

The Wandering Swordsman
My tribute to the excellent Rurouni Kenshin series, sourced from the manga, the anime series and the OVAs. Here you find my works of fanfiction, a brief run-down of the various key characters in the series, and even some information about their various special moves.

Fly for Fun (Flyff)
This is an online game that consumes quite a bit of my spare time. Not a particularly good game according to veteran of online games, but Flyff is free to play, and relatively easy to get into (at least for me). Here you can find some of my fanfiction.

Our Archive of Published Articles
Here is the way to our archive ... of Lena's articles, and of mine. Lena is far more prolific, and continues to write news articles and features, while I write more fiction than anything else.

Other stuff: