Aaerdan's Flight of Fancy

F irst, a short introduction: Fly for Fun (Flyff) is an free-to-play online game. The highlight of the game is the ability to take to the skies once a certain level
is reached. While at present the flying component of the game could be better, the game remains quite fun to play to me, and has inspired me to write fiction set in the game world of Madrigal.
     Here you will find information on my Flyff characters as well as the works of fanfiction I've written. Also posted here are works of fiction written with the Flyffworld community in mind. Enjoy!

My Flyff Characters

   Dunael Aaerdan
Present Profession: Jester
Present level: 62
Favourite Weapon: Bow
Presently Hunting: Nothing
Dunael Aaerdan is the subject of the work of fanfiction A Marksman's Tale, which is still ongoing. After more than a year, Dunael Aaerdan made it to level 60, and became a Jester. As planned, his weapon of choice would be the bow ... the reasons are many, but the main one is that I play solo all the time. On rare occasions friendly strangers cast "buffs" on Dunael Aaerdan for free and unasked for (I have never asked strangers for "buffs"), but mostly he fights alone (blame my odd playing times!).

Without a doubt Dunael Aaerdan is a major consumer of MP/FP draughts and food - he needs to in order to survive!

Lena Aaerdan
Present Profession: Mercenary
Present level: 47
Favourite Weapon: Sword
Presently Hunting: Captain Steamwalkers (level 54)
Lena Aaerdan is the subject of the work of fanfiction A Swordswoman's Tale, which has concluded (her tale should continue in a new series as soon as I'm done with A Marksman's Tale). I am unsure as yet what to make of Lena Aaerdan, whether to work towards becoming a Blade or a Knight. Like Dunael Aaerdan, she fights alone (again, blame it on the odd playing times).


And like him she is a major consumer of FP draughts and food - although she needs food far less because her profession allows her more Hitpoints.