The World of Aaerda

Aaerda is an ancient world. A world that should have advanced, technologically, beyond what is equivalent to our own Earth's Middle Ages. But it has not. Technological advances are frowned upon at the least ... in some parts of Aaerda, usage of anything more advanced than the wheel would mean death in the hands of the Church. Use of magic, too, would be met with violence from Church zealots.

And the Eldari - Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Ogre - they used to walk freely upon the lands they had ceded to the race of Man.

Now they merely exist in the realm of myth and legend; few, if any, of the race of Man had ever set eyes on an Eldari.

Aaerda has not always been like this. There was a time, many aeons past, when there was healthy competition between Machine and Magic. It was a time when the gods watched from the heavens. A time that ended when the Outsiders came....

Aaerda is the setting of the book, or series of books, to be entitled Aaerdan Chronicles, that I one day hope to have the discipline to write. Until then, what I can do is slowly come up with details about this world (which pretty much exists only in my head).